Prepare for Delivery

February 2020. California.
We reserved our Model Y online during the Tesla Model Y reveal event on March 14, 2019.

We ordered our Model Y during Tesla’s reveal event in March of 2019 and prepared for a long wait – after all we got our Model 3 two years after reserving the car. But things are moving along more quickly at Tesla this time around.

First we read the news that those who ordered the performance version of the Model Y were informed of potential delivery coming up soon in the last 2 weeks of March. And then like others who had reserved other versions of the Model Y (we reserved the dual motor, long-range AWD version), our account told us to get prepared. Stay tuned, I’ll provide updates as this moves forward.

Charging your EV at an RV Campground

February 2020. California.

This weekend while visiting the Mount Shasta area we stayed overnight at a Lodge / RV campground and charged our car on an RV electrical hookup. I plugged in that night and we left the next morning with 281 miles of rated change (and a warm cabin).

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Tesla Model 3: 325 Miles of Rated Range

October 2019. California.

I fully charged our Long Range RWD Model 3 at home before starting a recent road trip and got a rated range estimate of 325 miles (520 km) as advertised. Our Model 3 was 18 months old and had 24,600 miles on the odometer at that time (We bought our Model 3 in April 2018). This was the third time I’d fully charged our Model 3.

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Electric Road Trip: Touring the American Southwest in a Tesla Model 3

October 2019. American Southwest.

This October I went to Albuquerque for 5 days of work. About 1200 miles as the crow flies, but rather than fly I drove there in our Model 3. Driving electric reduced my emissions by over 40% compared to flying or driving a 50 MPG Prius.

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Travelogue: Weekend Camping with the Model 3

August 2018. California.

Late last summer we decided to head out of town for one last weekend getaway before the kids started back to school. So we loaded up our Model 3 for a weekend of camping in Lassen Volcanic National Park. Continue reading

CHAdeMO Charging the Model 3

July 2019. California

Last night I received the 2019.24.4 software update for our Model 3. So this morning I tested Tesla’s CHAdeMO adapter to determine the rate of charge, and see how many miles I’d get and how long it would take to charge from a given SOC. Summary: 45 minutes gave me 139 miles of rated range and cost $8.69. Tesla’s CHAdeMO adapter is easy to use and provides more charging options for the Model 3.

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Solar Power, Part 2: Tesla Solar for our Home and Model 3

July 2019. California.

We purchased a solar power system to produce and offset the electricity we use in our house and to charge our Model 3. Our primary goal was to produce as much electricity as we used each year. This post describes how well our solar system meets our needs.

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