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Electric Road Trip in the Tesla Model Y

July 2020. California.

Last week we took our Model Y on a short road trip to visit Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. Crater Lake is 350 miles from our town, not very far, but it was a long enough drive to get a feel for what it’s like taking the Model Y on road trips.

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Charging your EV at an RV Campground

February 2020. California.

This weekend while visiting the Mount Shasta area we stayed overnight at a Lodge / RV campground and charged our car on an RV electrical hookup. I plugged in that night and we left the next morning with 281 miles of rated range (and a warm cabin).

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A Tale of 9 Hours: Does GM Really Want to Sell the Chevy Bolt?

August 2016. California.

EDITOR’S NOTE: When I wrote this GM made no mention of DC charging the Bolt EV on their website. Instead they had a large graphic saying “9 hours to fully charge”. Thankfully that has changed, and the Bolt is on the road in big numbers where I live. I now have 2 friends who drive the Bolt and they love it. But, interestingly enough the day that Chevy announced the first Bolts were being delivered to new owners, Chevrolet dealerships placed ads on the radio saying if you get an EV, you better get a tent and prepare to camp out because it takes 21 hours to charge an EV. This revealed a lack of centralized effort and was the disappointing result of competing interests both within GM, and between GM and dealerships.

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Travelogue: A DC Road Trip from Davis to Monterey and Back

July 2016. California.

In July 2016 we took our 2012 Rav4 EV, equipped with JdeMO, on a 400 mile road trip to Monterey.  (This post was also published at, read it here). In July 2021 we made the same trip in our Model Y – I compare the recent trip with the 2016 trip here: To Monterey in an EV: Then and Now.

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