Life with the Model 3, in Pictures

October 2022, Central Valley, CA

This is a living document so I’ll keep adding pics as time passes. At the moment we have 59,000 miles on our Model 3 and it’s 4½ years old.

Picked up our new EV at the Fremont Delivery Center and got a tour of the factory in April 2018.
The Model 3 joined our 2012 Rav4 EV in our all-electric lineup at home.
Our first family trip in the Model 3 – a 300 mile day trip to see Redwood trees in the Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve.
Driving past Clear Lake in Northern California.
Driving through the Eastern Sierras. Mono Lake in the background.
Visiting Bodie, CA.
Charging at the Fresno Supercharger.
Visiting San Diego.
The Model 3 is a comfortable ride. Here’s my daughter reading on one of our road trips.
At Grant’s Grove to walk among Giant Sequoias.
We charge our Model 3 for 1-2 hours every night in the garage.
Driving up to Lake Tahoe on Route 80 in heavy snowfall. Our RWD Model 3 with chains handled the conditions well.
Chains on the rear wheels provided good traction, but it’s a bumpy ride.
Check out the snow on the front ‘hood’ after hours on the road. No ICE engine under there.
Driving through the snow in Lake Tahoe.
All cleaned up back home in the Central Valley.
Tesla mobile service came to my house to replace the door handle on the passenger side.
Driving into the fog during a summer visit to the Bay Area.
Camping in Mt Lassen.
9×9 tent, 4 sleeping bags and pads, 4 folding chairs, small cooler, dry foods and a box of knick-knacks – there’s just enough space to fit what we need for weekend camping.
Getting coffee at the Kettleman City Supercharger.
Checking out the Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm.
Driving along Route 66.
Eating at the Riverfront Cafe in Needles, CA.
Sunrise at the Supercharger in Kingman, AZ.
Charging on a Level 2 station near Maswik Lodge in the Grand Canyon in 2019.
Taking in the Continental Divide along Route 40.
At the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, AZ.
There are some seriously long stretches of road along Route 40. Autopilot is a nice companion for long drives.
Rio Grande Nature Center State Park in Albuquerque, NM.
Adding a few miles to the pack on a chilly morning before leaving Albuquerque.
Entering Colorado near the Four Corners Monument.
Monument Valley.
Arriving at Gouldings Lodge in Monument Valley.
I stayed in the Gouldings Lodge Villas in Monument Valley.
One of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever seen.
Leaving Monument Valley.
Scenic Overlook on the Colorado River near the Glen Canyon dam near Page, AZ.
Back home in the Central Valley after a long trip.
Charging our car at the Sierra Nevada brewery in Chico while touring their labs, eating lunch, and sampling some of their great beers.
Staying at the Railroad Park resort near Lake Shasta. Our railcar room was equipped for a family of 5.
Our Model 3 charging on a 50 amp RV hookup.
Some road trips make us sleepy.
In 2020 we sold our Rav4 EV and picked up a Model Y. My wife drives the Y, I drive the Model 3.
One night we followed Emmett Brown on our way home.
Driving east as the October full moon rises over the horizon.
We have the CHAdeMO adapter for our cars. This new Electrify America charging station is opening in my town.
On our way to the Grand Canyon in 2021.
We got three inches of snow while visiting the Grand Canyon in March 2021.
Driving along Desert View Drive in the Grand Canyon.
4½ years in, we love this car.