Tesla Model 3: 325 Miles of Rated Range

October 2019. California.

I fully charged our Long Range RWD Model 3 at home before starting a recent road trip and got a rated range estimate of 325 miles (520 km) as advertised. Our Model 3 was 18 months old and had 24,600 miles on the odometer at that time (We bought our Model 3 in April 2018). This was the third time I’d fully charged our Model 3.

I fully charged our car at home before starting the trip and got exactly 325 miles of range on both my phone app (left), and in the car (right).

325 miles of real world driving on a single charge is probably achievable under the right conditions. Not in the winter, but in moderate conditions. On this trip I left home with the 325 miles of range right after the car had finished charging, so the pack was preconditioned. The temperature was 48 degrees that morning when I left so I dressed warm and used the seat warmer to keep me comfortable. I drove 223 miles to Kettleman City in 3 hours and 40 minutes so I averaged 60 mph for that leg. The rated range estimate indicated that another 110 miles of range remained in the pack.

That 223 miles was the furthest I’d driven between charging sessions at that time. So I haven’t needed 300+ mile of range yet, but the extra range gives you more options, removes the idea of range anxiety, and makes the Model 3 a good car for road tripping. For more on this road trip check out the full post here: Touring the American Southwest in a Model 3.