Museum of Human Evolution


Address: Paseo Sierra de Atapuerca nº2, 09002, Burgos


The Museum of Human Evolution houses the findings from the archaeological sites in the Atapuerca mountain range, a World Heritage Site, offering an insight into the mystery of the origins of man and evolution. An exhibition and educational center provide a series of interpretations and scientific hypothesis offering a global vision of man’s presence on Earth and positioning the archaeological sites within the context of the new theories into human evolution that have emerged.

The collections include more than 200 original fossils, including the remains of Homo Antecessor (the oldest in Europe), the skull of Miguelón and the pelvis of Elvis, the hand axe ‘Excalibur’ and the remains of animals such as panthers and hippopotamuses. A host of fascinating and intriguing answers that will inspire visitors to explore the Atapuerca mountain range and an insight into our knowledge of human evolution.


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