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Museum of Human Evolution

Guided visit to the Museum of Human Evolution in Burgos, which includes a section dedicated to the Atapuerca sites, where the original fossils from Gran Dolina and Sima de los Huesos are exhibited.

The Museum of Human Evolution houses the findings from the archaeological sites in the Atapuerca mountain range, a World Heritage Site, offering an insight into the mystery of the origins of man and evolution. An exhibition and educational center provide a series of interpretations and scientific hypothesis offering a global vision of man’s presence on Earth and positioning the archaeological sites within the context of the new theories into human evolution that have emerged.

La Sierra de Atapuerca

Guided tour of the Sierra de Atapuerca, 17 kilometers from the city of Burgos, and its main paleontological sites.

La Sierra de Atapuerca is a small municipality located 18 kilometres from Burgos that is renowned for the prehistoric archaeological sites discovered there. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 2000, the Atapuerca are the only place in Europe where it is possible to see how ways of life have evolved, from the first humans who lived on the Old Continent approximately one million years ago to very recent eras. The history of Atapuerca started in the 60s when a caving group discovered very old human bones in the Cueva Mayor main cave. These were analysed and confirmed by Palaeontology professor Emiliano Aguirre, and this constituted the first phase of a large scientific project that began in 1978 and continues today. A significant discovery of human remains in the 1990s catapulted Atapuerca to fame and allowed for much deeper understanding of human evolution. 

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Venue: Museum of Human Evolution
Conference Activities