What do we do?

Cortical Evolution Conference

The VENTRICULAR FOUNDATION supports the dissemination of knowledge on brain development and evolution and promotes scientific outreach.


Activities of The VENTRICULAR FOUNDATION include:

• Visits to K-12 schools to teach children about the brain, with a special focus on children from under-represented groups.

• Mentorship activities for underrepresented students in high school and college who may be interested in pursuing a career in science.

• Fellowships for underrepresented high school students to help cover the costs of exams, exam materials, and application fees for college and graduate school.

• Organizing and running the Cortical Evolution Conference, as well as international conferences on Autism, Fragile-X, and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

School Visits & Educational Outreach

We work together with volunteer graduate students, researchers, and professors at UC Davis to visit schools and participate in local fairs to educate students and the public about basic scientific research. We also discuss and share information about the benefits of understanding brain function, development and evolution. We are always looking for more opportunities to discuss these topics, so please contact us using the link below if you have any special requests



You will contribute to the teaching and learning of Neuroscience!


“The brain is a world consisting of a number of unexplored continents and great stretches of unknown territory.” 

-Santiago Ramón y Cajal

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