(Selected List of Publications)

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Cortical Evolution 2015: Discussion on neural progenitor cell nomenclature
Journal of Comparative Neurology, in press – View Here

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Preliminary findings suggest the number and volume of supragranular and infragranular pyramidal neurons are similar in the anterior superior temporal area of control subjects and subjects with autism.
Neuroscience Letters, 589:98-103 – View Here

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Prenatal Exposure to Autism-Specific Maternal Autoantibodies Alters Proliferation of Cortical Neural Precursor Cells, Enlarges Brain, and Increases Neuronal Size in Adult Animals.
Cerebral Cortex, pii: bhu291. [Epub] – View Here

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Radial Glia are Proliferative in the Ventricular Zone of the Embryonic and Adult Turtle, Trachemys Scripta Elegans.
Neurogenesis (in press) – View Here

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RELN-expressing neuron density in layer I of the superior temporal lobe is similar in human brains with autism and in age-matched controls.
Neuroscience Letters, 579:163-7 – View Here

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Cajal, Retzius, and Cajal-Retzius Cells.
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Behavioral Brain Research, 266:46-51 – View Here

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Diversity of neural precursor cell types in the prenatal macaque cerebral cortex exists largely within the astroglial cell lineage.
PLoS ONE, 8(5): e63848 – View Here

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PLoS ONE, 7(1),:e30178 – View Here

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Time-lapse imaging of fluorescently labeled live cells in the embryonic mammalian forebrain.
Cold Spring Harbor protocols 2011:341-355. View Here

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Human Molecular Genetics, 20(1): 64-79 –  View Here

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