Stephen C. Noctor, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

I grew up in the great state of New Jersey, attended Rutgers University, and got my PhD in the laboratory of Sharon Juliano at USU in Bethesda, MD. In Sharon’s lab I studied cortical development in the ferret model, focusing on neurogenesis, radial glial cell morphology, Cajal Retzius cell distribution, and the development of cortical layers. I next performed post-doctoral work with Dr. Arnold Kriegstein, focusing on radial glial cell function, neural precursor cell identity, and neuronal migration in the rat model. At the UC Davis MIND Institute I continue to study cortical development using a variety of vertebrate models. I focus on factors that regulate development under normal and pathological conditions.

My interest in studying cortical development and neurodevelopmental disorders is both personal and intellectual. I understand the impact that neurodevelopmental disorders have on the lives of affected individuals, and the families and friends who care for them. I am driven to contribute to our understanding of brain development to speed discovery of new treatments, therapies, and cures.

This can only be accomplished when surrounded by good people:


Talking about projects in the times of Covid.

Current Lab Members

Elisa Penna, PhD Postdoctoral Researcher

Skippy Keiter, PhD Neuroscience Graduate Program

Anna Kreutz, PhD Neuroscience Graduate Program

Hunter Shepherd, BYU-Idaho / Internship Program

Jon Mangum, BYU-Idaho / Internship Program

Jake Nelson BYU-Idaho Internship Program, Website Development Uberfine Web Design

Former Lab Members

Chris Cunningham, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins

Anish Prakash California Dept. of Rehabilitation CPA

Nicole Barger, PhD
Post-doctoral researcher

Stephanie Saylor

Pratiksha Dighe, M.S. UC Davis / CSUS Bridges to Stem Cells Program

Mai Chounchay Visiting Researcher

Craig Jarvis Medical Student, 2LT US Army

Joseph Elsbernd, M.S. UC Davis / CSUS Bridges to Stem Cells Program, v1.0 BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.